Tricks and techniques to speed up the metabolism

Tricks and techniques to speed up the metabolism

If we can speed up the metabolism, we will be able to process food faster and convert it into energy for all daily activities. That’s why it’s so important that this happens when we want to lose weight.

In the following article, we give you some tricks and techniques to speed up your metabolism.

Tips to speed up your metabolism

It is possible that your metabolism is the reason you gain weight and you cannot lose weight as you expect. If it is too slow, it will take longer to digest food. And the more time they spend in the body, the more difficult it will be to lose weight. To reverse this situation, we give you some tricks:

1. Eat more protein

There is a sort of ranking that indicates the amount of “diet-induced thermogenesis” (DIT from its acronym in English) that foods have. The higher the DIT, the more work for the body, or rather more acceleration of the metabolism.

The proteins are within the group of nutrients those with the greatest amount of DIT. In the same position, we find water. Therefore it is recommended to consume at least two liters of water per day if you want to hydrate and at the same time have your weight under control.

2. Develop your muscles

To have well-formed muscles it is necessary to burn more calories than fat reserves. Therefore, if we have good muscle, our metabolism will speed up.

Muscles burn energy to turn it into heat and balance body temperature. This happens both in winter and in summer. So a good way to speed up your metabolism is to include weight training in your routine.

3. Have a good breakfast

When eating properly in the morning, the body reacts positively because nutrients are being incorporated after several hours (those of sleep). With a good breakfast, the body will have energy and less appetite during the whole day, since the insulin and glucose levels will be constant.

What should a full breakfast include? Dairy products, cereals, and fruit. Nuts and eggs (not fried) cannot be missing.

4. Do high-intensity workouts

It is known as HIIT and is a very interesting discipline to speed up the metabolism in combination with the weight lifting routine. The high-intensity exercise is 100% cardio, perfect for burning calories and also energy.

Practice so-called “sprints” when cycling (road or static), run on the treadmill or do abdominal exercise. The HIIT method is the most effective and the best part is that the lessons are shorter than the others: it lasts from 20 to 30 minutes. Of course, the routine is quite intense and it is likely that at the beginning it will be difficult to follow its rhythm.

5. Reduce calorie intake

We burn more calories and our metabolism is faster when we consume less fat. For this, we must increase the proteins as mentioned above – but also the carbon hydrates, which raise the thermogenesis.

It is preferable to eat many times a day, but smaller (and healthier) rations than just having two main meals, dinner included. Opt for healthy appetizers and snacks, fruit, nuts, and dairy products when hunger attacks you.

6. Follow a metabolic diet

It is not at all complicated to comply with this food plan, as it includes many easy-to-eat foods. For example, it is very important to drink green tea daily and consume those products that contain a good amount of Omega 3 fatty acids (such as salmon or tuna).

The infusion contains many antioxidants and helps lose pounds, while fish reduces blood sugar levels and resistance to leptin, one of the many hormones that allow us to lose weight.

Precisely, it is essential to pay attention to the role of hormones in slowing down or speeding up the metabolism. Changes in this type could “play against us” so it is advisable to consult a doctor to find out what is the healthiest and most effective way to lose weight.