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Training to get a flat stomach

Training to get a flat stomach

Having a flat stomach is one of the main reasons for those who enroll in the gym. This applies to women who have recently completed a pregnancy, to people of mature age and to anyone who sets themselves this goal.

Start with a series of cardiovascular exercises

To have a flat stomach you will have to decrease fat. To do this, you will have to combine challenging abdominal exercises with cardiovascular training. You can alternate machines for walking with exercise bikes and treadmills or choose to take an outdoor walk during a running session.

In the beginning, you can try for 20 minutes with the aim of increasing this type of exercise up to 30 or 40 minutes. The aim is to burn excess fat. There are several different ways and machines to achieve this.

A dumbbell-free workout to increase endurance

In a gym, it is normal to see new members training without dumbbells or weights. This is done to prevent possible injury and accustom the body to a greater workload. The abdominal exercises are mostly aerobic exercises which is why they can produce excellent results.

Following we offer a workout consisting of seven exercises that are perfect even for beginners. In general, an average trained person can complete it without great difficulty.

  • Simple crunch
  • Leg lifts
  • Crunch with raised legs (90-degree angle).
  • Alternate leg raises
  • Side crunch from the ground.
  • Reverse V-shaped plank
  • Plank hip extension.

You can do 20 repetitions for each exercise and let every three sets of different exercises rest for one minute. The advantage of this type of training is that it can also be done at home.

The crunch with the legs raised is a short crunch upwards. In alternate leg lift, one leg is raised while the other remains in suspension. Plank exercises are performed on the stomach, the muscles of the buttocks are used and the abdomen is contracted.

Exercises for the abs with weights for a flat stomach

There are machines and many methods for obtaining a flat and toned belly, as long as the exercises are performed correctly. There are those who are looking for a sculpted body and go far beyond normal workouts to get the famous “six-pack” they want.

  • Raising the knees hanging on the bar: hanging on a bar with both hands, raise the knees to the chest. Try to keep the trunk as vertical as possible and keep your legs raised. The most important thing about this exercise is control.
  • Cable crunch: crunch is not only done by positioning yourself with your back on the ground. When you are in the gym you can use a machine with cables. Stand in front of the machine and hold the handle. Now kneel down and hold the handle with your hands over your head. Now you just have to bring the weight down.
  • Lateral flexion of the torso with dumbbells: stand upright with your legs slightly open. Take a dumbbell and lower your arm sideways. Do the same with the other arm. In this way, you will effectively work the lateral abs.

Increase the intensity and weight

Like any other muscle, the correct way to tone it up more is to increase the difficulty of the exercise. To do this you must try to perform an increasing number of repetitions, increase weight and vary the exercises.

If you do not continue in this way, the results will not be what you want and you will run the risk of adopting the muscles to repetitive movements.

The same happens with cardiovascular exercise until the limit of 40 or 60 minutes is reached. Exercising your abs won’t help you a lot if you can’t burn calories while exercising.

Diet, supplements and the use of clothing that helps you sweat can be useful for having a flat stomach. The latter must always be approved by an experienced trainer.