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The best weight exercises for women

The best weight exercises for women

We have long abandoned the idea that “only men can do weight exercises” as more and more women try to have strong muscles.

If you are just starting out in this fitness lifestyle, we recommend that you read the following article where you will find different weight exercises for women.

Weights for women, the ideal complement

By lifting weights you will not lose your femininity, nor will your body resemble that of a man. This myth must be brought down! You can follow a simple routine that allows you to tone and highlight your muscles in a harmonious way and according to your silhouette.

If you add to this an adequate feeding program and healthy habits, the results will be incredible in less time.

Many women flee terrified in front of the weight machines in the gym since they believe that their use will alter their bodies and look like men. Nothing further from reality! It can be combined with cardio exercises to lose fat and have solid and strong arms, legs and abs.

Aerobics cannot be missing from the routine because it is what allows us to “speed up” the process of reducing calories and the entry of oxygen into the muscles. That’s why in any routine we have to start with 10 minutes of exercise bike or treadmill. So do the weightlifting exercises for women and finally don’t forget the stretch.

Exercises with weights for women

The goal of a weightlifting routine for women is to get rid of fat and keep your muscles strong. Basically it allows there to be no ” soft parts ” in the legs, arms, and abdomen.

Keep in mind that to get this effect each set must have between 8 and 12 repetitions. You have to rest after each series (from 30 seconds to one minute) and the weight must not change.

You can focus on a muscle group every day to do a more specific and punctual workout. For example the legs on Monday, the arms on Wednesday and Friday the abs. In the weight routine for women, these exercises cannot be missing:

1. Squat with bar

Surely you know the squat. In this case, we will add weights. Stand with your legs spread shoulder-width apart and put the bar in front of your body. Flex your knees, lower your torso and take the bar with both hands. Stretch your legs, with your back always straight. Go down again to complete the first sequence.

2. Bench Press

The bench press is a very common exercise in the weight lifting routine for men, but obviously we can adapt it to our needs. Lie on the bench and put your feet on the ground. Take the bar with both hands at chest height, with your elbows bent. Extend your arms so that they are perpendicular to the body and hold them up for a few seconds and descend.

3. Lunge

Another of the “classics” of the gym and that can be part of your weight routine for women. Standing with your back straight, take a disc or dumbbell in each of the two hands. Take a step forward with your right leg and bend your knee so that the whole body “falls” and the left knee is as close to the ground as possible. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

4. Barbell curl

This exercise is ideal for well-marked biceps. Stand up and grab the bar with both hands in front of your body and palms forward. Flex your elbows as you twist your wrists. The idea is that the palms “touch” the shoulders. Turn slowly to avoid injury or pain. So stay a few seconds and stretch your arms.

5. Abs

Finally, use a disc to make your abs more difficult and to be able to tone your belly faster. You can do the routine you prefer, as long as you support the weight well with your hands and abdomen.