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The best tips for losing fat and toning the body

The best tips for losing fat and toning the body

If your goal is to lose fat and tone your body, training and dieting are essential. Since this “saying” seems too abstract, in the following chapter we will give you some suggestions to be able to lose fat and tone the body more easily, without falling into the much-feared “rebound effect”.

How to lose fat and tone the body: diet

Often the word diet is related to starving. But this shouldn’t necessarily be so. What we should do is eat in a balanced and healthy way, adapting the portions to our height, weight and physical activity that we carry out.

A good “diet” will, therefore, be useful to lose fat and tone the body and at the same time you will feel energetic, your stomach won’t make you feel hungry and you won’t feel “heavy” after eating.

Nutritionists usually recommend a diet of around 3,000 calories per day, of which 58% must be carbohydrates, 26% healthy fats and 16% quality proteins.

Of course, in order to be effective, the feeding schedule must be personalized, based on the physical characteristics of each individual. A rule to use is the following: ingest 0.8 grams of fat per kilo of weight per day. The ideal is to go to a nutritionist to establish an appropriate and specific meal routine.

If your goal is to lose fat and tone your body, we give you an example of a daily diet. It must be completed with exercise three times a week:

  • Breakfast: sugar-free milk and coffee, two wholemeal toasts with cream cheese and a fruit
  • Half morning: tea with sugar-free milk, a fruit and a handful of nuts with four tablespoons of sugar-free cereals.
  • Lunch: brown rice salad with tomato and avocado, turkey or chicken fillet and fruit.
  • Snack: a sugar-free skimmed yogurt with two tablespoons of cereals and a glass of natural juice.
  • Dinner: pan-fried vegetables with a grilled hake fillet with olive oil, a slice of wholemeal bread and low-fat yogurt.

How to lose fat and tone the body: exercise

The second pillar for making you lose weight and toning your body is the workout routine in the gym or at home. Some of the exercises that can help you and not to be excluded in your weekly sessions are:

1. Sprint on the treadmill

To start, do some cardio on the treadmill (or you can walk in the park). The first minute at low speed, but then increase your pace until you reach maximum speed for three minutes. Finish with one minute at moderate speed.

2. Squat with jump

The squat is a complete exercise as not to exclude from your routine if you want to lose fat and tone the body. In this case, you will perform a slightly more dynamic version, perfect for having the legs you want.

Separate your legs shoulder-width apart, put your arms in front of your body and slightly flex your knees. Don’t forget to always keep your back straight. Lower your body until you touch the ground with your fingers. From this position, jump strongly and stretch your arms and legs.

3. Deadweight with barbell

Even with this exercise, you will train your whole body, which is why fat burning and muscle firming are total. You will need a barbell and two discs of adequate weight (especially do not overdo the loads).

Standing, take the barbell with both hands, with your arms at the sides of your body. Open your legs to the width of your hips and bend your knees. Bring your upper body slightly forward and lower your arms until the discs touch the ground. Get up slowly to return to the starting position.

Finally, if you want a routine that is a bit more “busy” and that does not take too long, we recommend trying HIIT (short for High-Intensity Interval Training) to lose fat and tone the body. This discipline is based on high-intensity exercises with little rest between them. You don’t have to do more than 15 minutes a day!