Put muscle mass: all you need to know

Put muscle mass: all you need to know

If your goal is to gain muscle mass, we recommend that you read this article. Afterward, we will tell you, in fact, everything you need to know to define your muscles and to develop them.

3. Technique and exercises

One of the best techniques for gaining muscle mass is to perform the exercises in an “explosive” way. This means lifting the weights quickly, then slowly lower them.

It is very important to be assisted by a personal trainer while we train, both in the gym and in the park, because he will be able to show you which body signals to pay attention to, which is the correct technique and how to perform each exercise.

Do not hesitate to observe yourself in the mirror when lifting the weights; it is not a question of vanity, but of observing the movements, to understand if you are carrying them out correctly. In addition, it is good to pay attention to the signals of the body: many times, back pain is due to incorrect execution of the technique, not to the exercise itself.

4. Diet and nutrition

If you want to gain muscle mass, there are certain foods that cannot be missing from your diet. Maybe you think you have to eat only chicken, eggs and bananas; however, you can supplement your diet by adding more options.

For example, we recommend that you include spinach (preferably raw), low-fat dairy products (yogurt, milk, butter), lean meat, tuna (canned, with water), legumes (lentils, chickpeas), dried fruit (almonds, walnuts), fruit (strawberries, grapes, pear) and carbohydrates (wheat, oats, preferably wholemeal).

After starting to do strengthening exercises, you may notice an increase in endurance in a few days, without however noticing large changes in the muscle. This is normal and even desirable, given that the body is getting used to the effort.

It is estimated that the waiting time to see an increase in muscle mass and a definition of tone is at least eight weeks. Some start to see the effects of training after three months.