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Obsession with weight, is it positive?

Obsession with weight, is it positive?

We must avoid in any way we can develop an obsession with a weight that affects our life.

Depriving the body of the calories necessary to have enough energy in the name of our obsession with weight forces it to use its muscles as fuel.

Obsession with weight, a danger

When the necessary nutrients are not supplied to the body to compensate for the physical effort required by a workout, the individual puts his health at risk.

Increasing the intensity of the training without providing the body with the calories necessary to satisfy the physical demand compromises above all the muscles, which are “devoured” by the body to ensure energy. In the long run, this will also impair sports performance.

We must lose weight consciously. Healthy foods, taken several times a day, will keep the body active; carbohydrates will guarantee the athlete greater performance, provided they are consumed in proportion to physical effort.

Training, hydration, nutrition and rest

The same rule applies to any athlete: training, hydration, quality nutrition and rest. If one of these factors fails, the performance will be lower, as will the optimal health conditions. Should we be careful of the weight? The answer is yes, as long as you do not decide to remedy one of these fundamental elements.

A rigorous training, accompanied by a healthy and complete diet, will guarantee every athlete an optimal performance. And this without necessarily falling into the obsession with weight.

The right quantities

The breakfast should never miss. It must be rich in nutrients and energy foods, in order to meet the physical needs of sports training. It is recommended to consume foods that bring energy even at lunch.

Snacks should help keep blood sugar levels adequate; Finally, the dinner must offer the macronutrients used during the day, in order to rebuild the damaged structures.

Carbon hydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibers, and water, ingested in adequate quantities, provide the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Before, during and after

We must eat before training to maintain adequate blood sugar levels and provide the body with the necessary nutrients.

During physical activity, it is essential to offer proper hydration to the body to avoid drops in blood sugar, recharge it with liver glycogen and accelerate recovery.

It is also essential to drink after training to avoid catabolism, i.e. the reduction of molecules to their simplest form.

Rehydration to recover weight

At the end of the workout, you need to achieve proper rehydration to recover lost weight and muscle glycogen stores. Water is the ideal ally to achieve this; you can also drink juices and energy drinks.

Chew and hydrate properly

If we take these tips into consideration, the obsession with weight will vanish. Each workout includes a good nutritional education. For example, priority aspects are proper nutrition and rebalancing glycogen levels after training.

Chew each bite properly and salivate well will promote proper digestion. The ideal would be to drink a little water during meals and in abundance at other times of the day.

The quality and nutritional density of foods will avoid deficits resulting from the lack of micronutrients. This condition can pose a serious risk to the muscles.

No snacks, candies or carbonated drinks

It is essential to minimize, or completely eliminate, snacks, carbonated drinks, and candies. We can replace them with fruit, vegetables, seeds, and fish. Processed and high-fat foods are not recommended if our goal is to keep fit. They have low nutritional intake and excess calories.

Restful sleep

If we train more, but our performance is lower, perhaps we are not resting as we should. Sleeping, in fact, guarantees the adequate recovery of the organism. Those who play sports often exaggerate physical activity and give little importance to this aspect.

Like a good rest, micronutrition and cellular micronutrition will promote energy recovery and increase the body’s need.

The most important aspect is to avoid reaching stress levels associated with immediate energy demand. In these cases, the body responds by releasing a large amount of adrenaline and norepinephrine, which increase the blood flow to the muscles and release more glucose into the blood. The heart rate accelerates in order to pump blood faster, the pupils dilate and digestion is inhibited.

It is important to pay attention to the kilos, but there is no reason to develop an obsession with a weight that leads us to mistreat our bodies. Healthy nutrition, correct physical activity, hydration and a good rest will ensure the well-being and ideal weight.