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Exercises to tone specific legs for women

Exercises to tone specific legs for women

If your goal is to strengthen and shape your legs, in the following article we will provide you with a complete routine that you can perform in the gym. You will need specific tools, but if you decide to train at home, you can replace them with what you have available. Here are some fantastic exercises to tone specific legs for women.

Exercises to tone the legs

Without wanting to discriminate or offend nobody we can say that, during training, men focus more on the arms and women on the legs. This is why, according to the objectives, there are specific exercises for men and others for women.

In this article, we will provide you with a complete exercise routine to tone your legs. The program can be repeated two or three times a week and includes the following exercises:

1. Lunge with dumbbells

Stand upright with your back straight and a dumbbell for each hand. Take a step forward with your right leg, bend your knee and simultaneously lower your left leg until you are almost on the ground.

Hold the position for a few seconds and then return to the initial position. Repeat the same exercise starting with the left leg.

2. Simple squats

Obviously, in a routine of exercises to tone the legs, squats cannot be missing. Once you understand the basics, all you have to do is intensify the practice. Start by doing simple squats.

Stand up straight with your legs spread to your hips and your back straight. Now lower yourself by bending your knees. To perform a correct exercise making sure that the buttocks protrude outwards and the knees do not exceed the imaginary line that starts from the tip of your feet.

3. Exercise for twins

You will need a dumbbell or weight for each hand. To do the exercise, stand up and lift your heels while maintaining the weight of your body with your toes.

Hold for three seconds and slowly return to your heels. If you need it, you can use a chair to maintain balance. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps.

4. Squats with abs

It is a combined exercise that allows us to strengthen and shape the legs. Do a simple squat, but in the ascent phase, you have to touch the right knee with the right elbow.

To do this, you will need to move your body slightly to the side where the knee and elbow touch. Once you learn the technique, you can add jumps when you bend your knees.

5. Look up with your legs

To perform this exercise, lie on your back with your back resting on the mat and your arms at your sides. Raise your right leg keeping it taut and rotate it clockwise and counterclockwise, forming “circles”. Once the 10 rotations are finished, do the same exercise with your left leg completing the series.

6. Squat with jumps

Here is another type of squat to shape and strengthen the legs. In this case, however, it will be more dynamic than the simple squat. It is performed by performing a jump in the ascent phase. The idea is that the feet “take off” from the ground.

7. Half squat with a medicine ball

If you don’t have a medicine ball, you can use heavy or large objects. They are performed like simple squats by standing up and bending the knees. When bending, remember not to cross the imaginary line that starts from the tip of the feet.

During the exercise, raise your arms and support the medicine ball for at least 20 seconds. Finally, lower your arms and return to the starting position. Do three sets of 12 reps.

8. Squats with football

The last of the exercises we offer you is another variant of the squats. You start out as a simple squat, but when you get up you have to kick backwards with your right leg. Do the same with your left leg.

With these exercises, you can reach the goal of having strong and well-shaped legs in a short time. If you train three times a week and combine a balanced diet with training, you will get the first results after about a month.