Pictures of my 'Maritime Messenger' installation in Cervia, Italy. The messenger was on the beach for seven days collecting messages and on the 'Night of Miracles' it was lit with fire ropes and candles and there was a performance by Alessia from Sardinia and Ruth from the USA inside the installation draped in blue fishing nets with music from Gotan Project. After midnight I swam out to sea with some of the message boats and the wind gently blew them away across the sea to the former Republic of Yugoslavia. It was a magic moment to see them go. The next day, Sunday, the remaining skeleton angel had ascended. I swam out again with the remaining boats and the messenger was empty. There were over 200 boats by the end.

The Italian people are wonderful. When the boats I made were finished they made their own and in their own style, mostly better than mine.

Thankyou to Artevento and Claudio Capelli for letting me make this project at the wonderful Cervia International Kite Festival and to Gerhard and Daniella for the wonderful G&D photos