This was the 31st International Kite Festival in Cervia. We had very mixed wind and weather and it wasn't until the last day that there was a visible sunrise. This is very unusual for Cervia. The first nightfly had no wind and Wally Dalmolen and I flew Angels from fishing poles. La Notte di Miracoli was cancelled as there was rain and it was very cold! The weather improved over 10 days and we had some lovely afternoons. We went on from Cervia to Venice for the first ever Venice Kite Festival on the Lido beach. There was beautiful steady wind and sunshine every afternoon. It was a smaller festival but I think we put on a really good show. The hospitality from the local organiser was excellent with great accomodation and food.

A big thankyou to Claudio and Caterina Capelli for inviting me to Cervia and particularly Venice. The Lido was a great place for a kite festival and Venice itself was truly awe inspiring. Makoto Ohye, Carl Robertshaw and I shared a suite here. http//