Dieppe 2006

I was invited to make a 'Wishcatcher' at the Dieppe International Kite Festival 2006. The festival ran from the 9th to the 17th September so it was a good chance for the wishcatcher to evolve over nine days. On the first and second days there were 400 plus wishes on the catcher.

The blue wish slips soon ran out and people used their own papers. There were teddy bear shaped pages from a notebook, lottery tickets, a metro ticket, pictures of beloved children and a paper doily to name a few. This was great and unexpected on my part. The pegs also ran out after 200 or so and people posted messages into the little blue rings on the catcher and tied messages to the ribbons.

The middle of the catcher resembled an upside down maypole and I loved the way children wove in and out of the strings. After 3 days I released 400 wishes from a kite over the sea as there was a good off shore breeze. At the end of the week more than 1000 wishes had been made and I have brought 836 home to release over the sea at Sand Bay in Somerset. I am grateful to the Dieppe festival for giving me the opportunity to make a 'Wishcatcher' there as the event is attended by a huge crowd. Thankyou.

Here are some of the wishes

This is my kite shrine after Dieppe