Japanese Carp Windsocks

I have been running workshops making Japanese fish windsocks for the last five years.  These carp windsocks, which are known as Koinobori in Japanese, have a long history and are flown every year on Children's Day, which is May 5th.  The aim of the project is for each student to make and paint one of these beautiful fish.  The students will be using Tyvek (synthetic paper) and acrylic paint to make the windsocks.  This makes them weatherproof, so that they can hang outside or be flown from a kite, even in the rain.  Each windsock is 75 cm long and when painted will be a beautiful object for the students to fly, display and keep.  I will also be showing the students hand painted kites from Japan and telling them the history of these kites to put the carp windsocks in context.

For further information, please contact me on 0117 9511247 or nickjames@blueyonder.co.uk